Wednesday, 4 November 2009

words of Sheep

The Sheep was speaking to me today in the afternoon and said to me - if thou wants peace on Earth, thou must have made peace in yourself. I listened to the wise words and have forgiven all those I haven't yet. You too, my friend, I hope will forgive and erase memories out of your head that do not belong there. Listen to the Wise Sheep and find salvation in yourself with the Great One's help you will soon be in perfect harmony with your mind and then, only then, we will think on a grander scale and change the world forever.
May Sheep be with you, child of the Great One.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

sheepology is the greatest

Sheepology is the One true religion and there is no other religion as good as Sheepology. Sheepology will save the Earth from the ultimate self-destruction. Sheepology is real, pure and perfect, all other religions are merely imitators of Sheepology and have no historical basis whatsoever.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

an introduction of Sheepology to students

baptism of Luis - an art student

introduction of the 4 Great Gods of Sheepology to students

Anna the Prophet and the One Voice of the Great Green Sheep.
Luis, the God of Earth, the one who looks after nature and makes sure all goes according to the Great Sheep's plan.
Maral, the God of Aliens who rules over the Great Universe and the Great Sheep's original creation.
Candy the Great God of Knowledge, the one who gives the wisdom of Holy Sheep to humans and animals alike.

Lenka, the Sheepland - the leader and forgiver of lamb of Sheep, the human race, who spreads Sheep's wisdom to men of all races.

Monday, 12 October 2009

A prayer for everyman

A prayer for everyman

O Great Green Sheep, thou so sweetly warmly
Lift our wretched souls to the Heart of your Green Greatness
Arise and awake our spirit with pure joy of life
To which thou guide us well
Take pride for we were created by thee
Save us for we have sinned but will repent
Love as since we are but lamb of thee
Humbly we will let you lead us to paradise
The One Green Sheep
The Great Green Sheep
The creator of Universe
The only Force
Command us, Great Sheep
We will obey every word
We will baaa to you
We will die for you
O listen to our prayers The Great Green Sheep!